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Design Guidelines


The Purpose

The purpose of our Design Guidelines is to assure and implement the highest quality of design standards for each community within Dakota Dunes.  Like any community, Dakota Dunes has grown gradually over a period of years, so design decisions must be guided by a clear vision of the ultimate design direction that the community will take.

Design Guidelines have been prepared for each of the three communities within Dakota Dunes; The Prairie, The Meadows and The Country Club.  They are established to assist potential buyers, builders, architects and landscape architects to become active participants in the design process, to assure long-term community quality. They are NOT intended to limit choices or design alternatives but rather to encourage creativity and innovations, as well as coordinate architectural diversity while creating a blend of home styles which will enhance the community envirmonment.

Essentially, all changes, permanent or temporary, to the exterior appearance of a building or lot are subject to review and approval by the Design Review Committee (DRC).  The review process is not limited to new construction, major additions or alterations such as adding a room, deck or patio.  It includes such minor items as changes in color and materials.  Approval is also required when an existing items is to be removed.

The Process

New Construction

New construction projects require the following documentation to be submitted to and approved by the Design Review Committee prior to any work commencing:

  • Site Survey scale of 1"=20'
  • Site Plan scale of 1"=20'
  • Schematic building floor plans elevations at minimum scale of 1/8"=1'-0"

Important Considerations: Final project approval will require the owner to submit duplicate complete sets of the working drawings and specifications for final review to insure adherence to the approved preliminary design.  Please note that these requirements are not all inclusive and it is the owners responsibility to contact the Design Review Committee to discuss all projects.  A complete set of Design Guidelines for each community is located on this site under Documents & Forms, Design Guidelines for each respective community.

Exterior Modifications to existing homes

Any modification, including building and landscaping, done to the exterior of a home within the Dakota Dunes Community Association is subject to the submission and approval of such request by the Design Review Committee.

The Association's Architectural Standards Policy is oulined on page 9 of the Association's Rules & Regulations.  In addition, the Association's CC&R's also address the owner requirements for Architectural standards and gaining approval for modifications in Article XI pages 32-35.

How to make a request

A downloadable version of the Modification Request Form is availalbe under the Documents & Forms tab: Downloadable Forms.  This will automatically download to your computer download files on your desktop.

Please fill out the Modification Request Form, attaching all necessary documentation, i.e. site map from your landscaper or contractor showing the requested improvements.  If you are requesting a color, material or physical change all paint, siding, roofing, etc. material samples must be provided to the Design Review Committee at the time of application.

Applicants are not required to attend the DRC Meeting to have their application reviewed.  For applications received at least three days prior to the scheduled meeting, the DRC will review at that monthly meeting.  Any applications received after that point will be reviewed at the following monthly meeting.

Residents will receive their decision letters by mail within a week of the meeting.

If there is a question as to whether or not a proposed exterior change is exempt from Design Review and approval, the homeowner should seek clarification from Gary Roan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or stop in and discuss the proposed project with Gary at the Welcome Center prior to proceeding with the improvement.